Vermilion County Board Agenda 02-13-2018.pdf 2/7/2018
Finance Personnel Amended Agenda 02_05_18.pdf 2/1/2018
Executive and Legislation Meeting 01-25-2018.pdf 1/19/2018
Vermilion County Transportation Committee meeting 01-24-2018.pdf 1/19/2018
Mental Health Agenda_01-22-18.pdf 1/16/2018
CBAGENDA 01-09-18.pdf 1/3/2018
Finance Personnel Agenda 01_08_18.pdf 1/2/2018
Executive Agenda 01-02-2018.pdf 12/22/2017
Amended CBAGENDA 12-12-17.pdf 12/18/2017
Property Committee Meeting Agenda 11-20-2017.pdf 11/20/2017
County Board Agenda 11-14-17.pdf 11/9/2017
Finance Personnel Agenda 11_06_17.pdf 10/30/2017
Technology Committee Meeting Agenda 11-02-2017.pdf 10/26/2017
Public Safety Agenda 10-18-2017.pdf 10/12/2017
Health and Education Agenda 10-19-17.pdf 10/12/2017
County Board Agenda 10_10_17.pdf 10/4/2017
Finance Personnel Amended Agenda 10_02_17.pdf 9/27/2017
Judicial and Rules Committee Meeting Agenda 09-26-2017.pdf 9/21/2017
Health and Education Committee Meeting Agenda 09-21-17 (2).pdf 9/15/2017
PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE AGENDA 09-20-2017.pdf 9/14/2017
County Board Agenda 09_12_17.pdf 9/11/2017
Finance Personnel Agenda 9_11_17.pdf 9/5/2017
Tax and Elections 09-05-2017 Agenda.pdf 8/31/2017
Technology Committee Meeting Agenda 09-07-2017.pdf 8/25/2017
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